Wednesday, March 20, 2013

"Lil Lulu"

8"x 10" Oil on Canvas Panel

My husband's Sandpiper catboat Lil Lulu floating in Barnegat Bay last summer.  Lil Lulu is the name the original owner gave to her.
Not sure what this summer will bring regarding boating on some parts of the bay.   The bay is going to be dredged for debris.


  1. The darks under the boat brings out the amazing reflections in the water ! VERY nice painting, Lori. They're doing a lot of cleanup by the bay near me...I need to take a walk to see what's going on!!!

  2. Ooh, I LOVE little lulu! You do such a beautiful job with reflecting boats on water, and your boats sit in the water just right... It's so evident that you spend a lot of time jsut watching and observing how the water and the boats respond to each other and the influence of the sun in different conditions! I really admire that!

  3. "Maman les p'tits bateaux qui vont sur l'eau ont-ils des jambes ?... Mais oui petit nigaud s'ils n'en avaient pas il n'avancerait pas!..."
    Cette charmante peinture me fait penser à l'air de cette chanson enfantine...
    Un merveilleux travail dans les reflets de l'eau avec des nuances de couleurs extraordinaires.
    gros bisous à vous.

  4. Thank you all for the wonderful comments.

  5. You've captured the reflections beautifully, Lori. Very nice. Love the name, "Lil Lulu"... how fun!