Thursday, February 23, 2012

"Pleasant Valley Road"


8"x10" Oil on Linen
Study - NFS

Exploring the back roads of the Hopewell valley last fall I was drawn to this scene.  I didn't remember exactly where I was but somehow I located it with the assistance of Google Earth!


  1. Brava Lori, bello! Good job Lori, beautiful!

  2. Wow! Lori! This is fantastic..The colors are so rich and beautiful...! One of your best! LOVE IT.

  3. This is a gorgeous painting!, Lori! I love the way you've captured the sunlight. Wonderful temperature shifts also.

  4. Beautiful painting! I really like the colors in this one. You usually seem to lean more towards the pastels (which I love),but I really like the vibrant colors in this too!