Tuesday, August 16, 2011

"Barnegat Lighthouse"

Color Study - NFS
8"x10" Oil on Canvas Panel
Plein Air of the Barnegat Lighthouse on a hot summer
morning in July.  I was happily painting this plein air
when the Coast Guard started practicing an ocean
rescue exercise. The low flying helicopter created a
hurricane-like spray of  water and sand. Luckily, I
was almost done with my painting.


  1. Dang Coast Guard! :) This painting is as close to defining me as you can get. Long time no see!

  2. So fun catching up with your blog. I am so behind in keeping up with others. Really nice, fresh work. Love this latest and the exciting pictures of the Coast Guard.
    Love to composition of the piece.

  3. Great painting, Lori! Love the sky as well. Thank goodness you were almost finished with your painting, when the helicopter came!!

  4. Dave, Carol and Hilda - thank you for visiting! I'm hoping to get back into daily painting and posting after taking a break from it this summer.

  5. Very nice colours! It is not just a study!!!